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Welcome to Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams with I-Telecoms Empower your business with seamless communication using our Direct Routing service for Microsoft Teams. Transform your collaboration experience by integrating a cloud-based phone and PBX system directly into Microsoft Teams or Office 365. With our certified cloud gateways, you can make internal, external, and international calls to both landlines and mobile phones—all within the familiar Microsoft Teams interface.

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Unlock Cost-Effective Communications for Remote Working with I-Telecoms

Direct Routing is the seamless connection of Microsoft Teams to the traditional phone network through external telephony providers like I-Telecoms for organizations using Teams as their PBX.

Benefits include migrating communications to the cloud, accessing more affordable call rates, gaining increased flexibility, and receiving enhanced support.

Explore our detailed guide to understand how Direct Routing works and how it can elevate your organization's communication strategy.

Streamline Your Communications

One Platform for All

Experience the power of unifying your communication tools. Merge messaging, meetings, file management, and your phone system into a single, robust system.

Substantial Cost Savings

Our call charges consistently outperform Microsoft's calling plans, leading to significant savings on all your calls for all users.

Designed for Remote Work

Remote work is here to stay, and so is Teams. With Direct Routing, effortlessly share documents and host meetings from anywhere, on any device.

Reliability and Security at the Core

Our infrastructure harnesses the full potential of cloud hosting with built-in redundancies, ensuring reliable and secure systems for your peace of mind.

Microsoft Teams

Direct Routing as a Service

Unlock the power of a cloud-based phone and PBX system seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams or Office 365. With our certified cloud gateways, businesses can establish a unified and flexible communication platform that enables internal, external, and international calls to landlines and mobile phones—all directly from Microsoft Teams.

By choosing Microsoft Teams direct routing, businesses enjoy increased flexibility, accessibility, and support, resulting in significant time and cost savings. I-Telecoms, as a provider of award-winning premium communication solutions, leverages advanced and resilient global network architecture. As a friendly and independent company, we bring the expertise and solutions of a large enterprise.

             Key Features:

  • PSTN Replacement in 40+ Countries
  • Number Coverage in 100+ Countries

Why I-Telecoms?

We are pioneers in the world of SIP, offering cutting-edge technology and a robust network infrastructure. With a team of over 20 developers committed to continuous innovation, I-Telecoms is the trusted choice of numerous organizations for their business-critical SIP services. Discover what sets I-Telecoms apart from the rest. As one of the foremost SIP technology specialists in the world , we've played a pivotal role in shaping the future of Direct Routing with Microsoft.


Trusted Experts

We have been at the forefront of Direct Routing, working closely with Microsoft to pioneer its implementation. Our network has gained the trust of thousands of clients, making us recognized experts in the field.


Manage Your Usage and Billing

Effortlessly monitor your usage, billing, and key data in one central location to optimize your system's performance.


Easy setup

Port over your numbers from almost any provider, together with personalised onboarding and training from our experts.

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