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Discover the potential of SIP trunking with ITelecoms. Unlock new possibilities for voice, video, messaging, desktop sharing, web conferencing, and shared whiteboards. Speak to us to explore the benefits of our SIP trunk service for your business.

Choose the Best VoIP Service Provider


At ITelecoms, we prioritize your freedom and flexibility. Say goodbye to long-term contracts and do things your way with our tailored communication solutions.


Opt for our Pay-as-You-Go solution at ITelecoms, offering flexible and transparent pricing for smarter spending on improved communication.

Bring Your Own Device

Whether you already have your hardware or have your eye on the perfect device, we're prepared to make the connection at ITelecoms

Free Porting

Experience effortless porting with our support for local, toll-free, and mobile numbers.

Total Control and Transparency with ITelecoms

Empower your communication strategy with ITelecoms, offering 100% control and transparency. Our globally redundant voice platform provides flexible capacity, complemented by a suite of self-service apps and APIs.

Unlock Savings: Configure your SIP Trunks effortlessly and enjoy savings of up to 30% on your call costs. At ITelecoms, we prioritize your control, transparency, and cost-efficiency for a seamless communication experience

Ensure the Future of Your Voice Traffic with ITelecoms


Future-Proof Integration

With our Voice Management platform or API ecosystem, seamlessly integrate our SIP Trunk and its full capabilities with your (cloud) PBX system in just a few clicks.


Quick Onboarding

Experience swift onboarding, with easy integration allowing you to be up and running in minutes.


Flexibility in Capacity

Benefit from multiple SIP trunks and flexible capacity limits per trunk, providing scalability tailored to your needs.


Traffic Control

Enjoy the power to block or allow traffic based on destination or cost, putting you in control of your communication strategy with ITelecoms.

Benefits of ITelecoms SIP Trunks

Elevate your communication with ITelecoms SIP Trunking Service. Experience superior audio quality, including HD Voice and Video support for advanced applications. Our cost-efficient solution offers up to 40% savings compared to BT ISDN30e, making it ideal for T4Com SOGEA and FTTP internet services.

Key Features:


Experience Superior Audio Quality

Enjoy excellent audio quality with our standard codec, equivalent to ISDN. Additionally, we support HD Voice and Video for advanced applications.


Cost-Efficient Solution

Save up to 40% compared to BT ISDN30e for both rental and connection costs. Further savings are possible with circuits that combine voice and data. Ideal for I-Telecoms SOGEA and FTTP internet services.


Seamless Number Transition

Keep your existing phone numbers (we handle the porting process) or opt for new numbers from multiple UK dial codes, regardless of your location.


Interoperability with Leading Platforms

Our service is proven to work seamlessly with popular platforms such as 3CX, Asterisk, Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, Sangoma, Beronet, and others.


Reliable and Resilient

Choose from multiple Direct Routing (DR) and resilience options to ensure uninterrupted communication for your business.

Supported Phone Systems

Leading-edge VoIP Service Provider

We are dedicated to delivering top-notch local and international connections to customers worldwide. As a strictly bring-your-own-device service, we prioritize providing a highly flexible, feature-rich, and cost-effective cloud-based communication experience


All-Inclusive Hosted Products

Meet all your communication needs with our comprehensive suite of hosted telephony services, spanning across more than 60 countries.


Over 50 Powerful Features

Simplify Your Communications, Stay Connected Anywhere Connect effortlessly with anyone, anywhere – whether you're at home or anywhere else in the world.


Receive Calls with Flexible Pricing

Get started with our usage-based pricing, as low as €0.0052/min, covering calls across Canada and the United States.

Why Choose I-Telecoms SIP Trunking?


International Availability

Embrace global connectivity with ITelecoms, offering international origination and termination in over 100 countries. Our commitment to quality extends through the use of the highest quality white routes, ensuring reliable service in compliance with ISO27001 and GDPR standards.



Tailor your communication solutions with pride. ITelecoms provides metered and unlimited packages customized by country, aligning with your company's and customers' specific requirements. Stay competitive in the market, choose the most cost-effective solutions for clients, and gain a winning edge in securing more business.


Expert Support

Feel confident with ITelecoms' robust engineering technical support, backed by decades of client service since 1991. All our products come with the assurance of Telin's industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA).

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